What I did during my first month in Thailand, all squeezed in 2 minutes  

Vlog from my recent trip to Portugal!

Probably one of my favourite videos I ever made, collection of random moments from this summer that made me smile. Enjoy. x Kaja

 I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to post here for a while now, but it was simply so hard. I guess you could say I was busy. Busy living life, and doing the best of the best, which is obviously traveling and chilling 😉 First I went to Portugal with my fam. We had a …

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My second video lookbook! I called it Scandinavian Summer, because here in Scandinavia we are not necessary spoiled with the best wether during summer. However, colder days mean that you can still wear clothes, which give you more styling options 😉 Denim jackets, flared pants and maxi skirts with sneakers are some of my favourite combinations for …

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