DSC_0061_Fotor DSC_0075_Fotor

Better late than never, right? A little throwback to summer times, when wearing shorts was still an option.. good times. These pictures were taken in the very beginning of the summer, when I spent a couple of days with my family in Poland in Międzyzdroje. It’s a cute little town by the sea, with a beautiful long beach and a very photogenic pier. The weather was amazing, so we spent these couple of days, chilling at the beach, reading books and eating ice-cream all day long.

It’s crazy how fast seasons change, it feels like it was a minute ago and now the fall is already here. It’s again all about long pants, sweaters and jackets (luckily not the winter ones yet) and trying to stay warm. It’s already fall break here in Denmark, and I’m slowly coming out of my first “fall hibernations” also know as cold. There is nothing better than a little cold in the beginning of fall to remind you that summer is over and you need to take better care of yourself… Uni is already getting more stressful and days are getting shorter, but there are some good things coming up 🙂

shorts: Samsøe Samsøe / top: Zara / shoes: Adidas / sunglasses: Ray Ban IMG_5674_FotorDSC_0096_Fotor

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