DSC_0039_Fotor DSC_0117_FotorDSC_0089_Fotor

One of my best pengyous was in town again and it was another great opportunity for a little shoot. Martine took pictures for my very first blog post during Christmas break that we spent together in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I remember being super nervous and clueless back than, and now more than a year later I’m still pretty clueless but not so nervous anymore. Especially when you take pictures at Copenhagen’s number one attraction Nyhavn, everyone is taking pictures anyways, so I’m not the only weird one trying to strike a pose. Martine was wearing this awesome white coat and a black hat, so as usual I need it to take a few snaps of her as well. The best model thought was the cute dog we bumped into, and the dog’s owner told us a little story about his dog and his relationship with Lars Løkke’s, Danish preminister’s dog 😉

jeans: Envii / t-shirt: Zara / bag: Zara (similar) / sandals: Birkenstock

DSC_0165_FotorDSC_0065_FotorDSC_0155_Fotor DSC_0067_Fotor DSC_0104_FotorDSC_0173_FotorDSC_0178_Fotor

5 thoughts on “WHITE AND DENIM, NYHAVN

  1. Jecky says:

    This look with the Birkenstocks is so perfectly nordic and just made for this trip! This looks stunning 🙂

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat

  2. imke says:

    Love the picture with the two doggies haha, really like your long coat too!!
    Love Imke

    1. bykaja says:

      this picture is definitley the best one 😉

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