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On days that I don’t know what to wear, overalls seem to always be the good solution, or so I like to think😉

They are definitely the comfortable solution, and the one saying “I don’t really care what I’m wearing, but I really do”. The person who brought overalls back is for sure a genius. It’s just one of these trends (not really a trend anymore? no idea), that I will probably keep on coming back to for ever, because they make me feel good, I love how effortless they look, little casual, little sporty, but at the same time kind of cool, and most important of all I freaking love how comfortable they are.

I wore them with a simple white t-shirt underneath, on a beautiful, sunny and warm day (yes, warm day in Copenhagen). We walked around the city, tested the new bridge between Nyhavn and Christianshavn (cool bridge, even cooler view), took some picture infront of these perfect white wall at Sankt Annæ Plads, and it was overall a pretty damn good day!😉

overalls: Asos / bag: Mulberry / shoes: Birkenstock 

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IMG_0442Copenhagen at golden hour looks pretty damn good! Especially by the water, I feel like water always makes everything look better, right? Cities that are located by the water are always my favourite.

A good friend of mine is visiting from Sweden, so we had some sushi for dinner and than hanged out a bit by the channels. The weather in Copenhagen was unbelievable good, it was 27 C degrees, which doesn’t happen very often here, so everybody went crazy, and the whole city was full of people partying, chilling by the water and just enjoying this beautiful day. On days like that Copenhagen is a really nice city😉

I was wearing my new favourite, high waisted denim shorts, that I was pretty much wearing every single day of the week since I got them, and an off shoulder playsuit underneath. I’m so into this whole off shoulder trend, there is just something really cool and effortless about it. Hope you’re having a great summer so far! I’m off to chill a bit more!😉

playsuit: Asos / shorts: Zara / bag: Mulberry / sunnies: Ray Ban / shoes: BirkenstockIMG_0390_Fotor_Collage  IMG_0429

IzmkenijoneMG_0118_Fotor_Collage_FotorI’m currently editing my first photo diary from Portugal, and thought that I will quickly share these snaps from yesterday.

I’m back in Copenhagen, and for once, I’m actually happy to be here. I will be home for around two weeks and than I’m leaving for Thailand, and I will be gone for probably around 6 months, which makes me appreciate being home way more than I normally would. It’s nice to just hang out, not doing much, just catching up on editing and trying to take my working out game to the next level, which means, trying to work out every day ;D

Anyways yesterday, my friend and I had a coffee and she took a couple of snaps of what I was wearing. My idea of comfy look, appropriate for summer in Scandinavia😉 so obviously bare legs and sneaks combination, and not just any sneaks, white sneaks (approximately more than half of Denmark’s population wears white sneakers during summer) my new fav denim shorts and an old fav, vintage Cowboys sweatshirt, that I got in Hamburg last Christmas.

x Kaja

sneakers: Adidas / sweatshirt: vintage / shorts: Zara


IMG_0372 I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to post here for a while now, but it was simply so hard. I guess you could say I was busy. Busy living life, and doing the best of the best, which is obviously traveling and chilling😉

First I went to Portugal with my fam. We had a great week traveling through Southern Portugal, to be more precise Algarve, which is one of the most beautiful places in Europe for sure. Tons of pictures coming soon (and two videos from the trip already up on my youtube channel!). Than I chilled a bit at home, than I spent a couple of days in my second home, Warsaw. Chilled a bit more, hang out with friends, eat a lot of delicious Polish food, went for multiple long walks around the city. I even went out to party, and surpassingly, possibly first time in many many years, I felt all right the day after!

Now I’m home in Denmark, chilling a bit more, not doing much at all, just editing my videos, looking through pictures, working out occasionally (got to get ready for a half year long bikini season!) and getting ready to leave for Thailand in about 3 weeks.

These are one the first pictures, that I took when we arrived in Portugal. The first day we went for a walk before dinner, and I saw this street and I knew it. It could possibly be more perfect for a good outfit shot😉 White wall (!) pink flowers (!) and palm trees in the background (!). It can’t get much better if you ask me😉

t-shirt: Zara / skirt: Cubus / headband: Missoni / shoes: Birkenstock / sunnies: Ray Ban


I’M MOVING TO THAILAND!! It sounds crazy! right?😉

if you want to read more about why I choose Thailand read my previous blog post 

My second video lookbook!

I called it Scandinavian Summer, because here in Scandinavia we are not necessary spoiled with the best wether during summer. However, colder days mean that you can still wear clothes, which give you more styling options ;) Denim jackets, flared pants and maxi skirts with sneakers are some of my favourite combinations for colder summer days!


So I was wearing a sweater at the beach, because it was February. Yes February, it took my a while to get around to post these pictures😉

I was in Gran Canaria and in the evenings it can get a bit chilly over there (in February a least, I would imagine that right now evenings are probably pretty warm as well), so bare legs and a sweater is a good combo for evening walks. Also it’s my dream combo. I love having bare legs and wearing boots, jackets or sweaters. For some reason I always felt like it looks pretty good, maybe because you almost never get a chance to actually do it. It’s usually either too warm or too cold. So perfect weather is yet another reason why I love Gran Canaria.

Right now I’m in Portugal, and I’m certainly not able to wear any sweaters here, so more realistic beach pictures coming soon😉

sweater: Only / skirt: Cubus / shoes: Birkenstock DSC02359  DSC02281DSC02354DSC02340DSC02323   DSC02348


I don’t really know what is it that Calvin Klein does, but they take a piece of fabric, write Calvin Klein on it, and it’s cool.

I guess that’s because simplicity is always the best option, isn’t it? I always find myself being most drown into the simple pieces in my wardrobe, basic colours, good quality fabric, simple cuts. My favourite clothes are just always quite simple really. This crop top is definitely one of them. It’s really nice and soft, good fabric, you can actually breath in it on a warm summer day, which is always a plus😉 The shorts are from Asos, and are just one of these pieces that you can wear with everything. Unfortunately for some reason I got them in “super tall”, option that Asos has, which is awesome for super tall people, but let me tell you, with my 170cm i don’t think I’m in this category, which is a shame😉

Picture are taken in Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria, which is probably my dream place for outfit pictures, and pretty much all other pictures. It’s full of beautiful plants, palm trees, colourful flowers, plus the mountains in the background, plus the blue sky and sun. It can’t really get much better.

top: Calvin Klein / shorts: Asos / shoes: Birkenstock DSC02112  DSC02135  IMG_9648


I’m moving to Thailand! How crazy does it sound?! I never even though that I would be saying this. Life can be so unpredictable. Southeast Asia was always a holiday paradise for me, soon it will be home.

However, it does feel like a little deja vu😉 3 years ago I went to China, which I never, ever even imagined I would do, and now 3 years later I’m going to Thailand.

Life can be really crazy sometimes.

Thailand is an insanely beautiful country. I felt in love with its colours, amazing nature, heavenly beaches, blue water, tropical fruits and smiling faces, almost 3 years ago, when I visited it for the first time. However I always considered it a holiday destination, not a place that I would be living in. Exactly like China😉

Living in Shanghai has thought me many things, but the most significant is, go out of your comfort zone. Going out of your comfort zone is never easy, but it’s important, and it’s always life chaining. Trying new things, going new places, doing the unexpected, always ends up being worth it. If I wouldn’t go to China, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. It changed so much in my life. It opened up a whole new world for me, a world full of new possibilities and opportunities. It made me realise what my passions are, and it made me more determinate to pursue my dreams.

So now, 3 years later, I was put in front of another life choice. I had to choose where I wanted to spend the next half year of my life. I feel like it’s such a big opportunity to be able to choose any place on earth, and just live there for a while. It such an awesome experience! From my stay in Shanghai I know, that studying abroad can be an amazing adventure, and also a live changing experience. I really feel blessed that I got this opportunity.

I study Asian Business and Chinese, so China would be the obvious choice. However, even though I had the most amazing year in China, I didn’t want to go back, not just yet. I wanted to try something new, something different, possibly something even more crazy (if it can get crazier than China ;P). I wanted to go back to Asia, I was considering Hong Kong and Singapore, but I’ve been to both of these places, so it seemed to easy. I spent majority of last summer doing a course at Hong Kong University. I freaking love Hong Kong, but I felt like going back, wouldn’t really count as “going out of my comfort zone”.

I felt pretty confused, and I searched and search, and than I came across Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (which by the way looks like a beautiful temple). And than I knew.

I could go to Thailand, attend a university that looks like a Thai temple, wake up to palm trees and swimming pool in my backyard and spend weekends exploring on the most beautiful countries in the world. It hit me like a lighting.

I should go to Bangkok.

I should go to a city, that I’ve never even been to before, to a country that I don’t know much about. Go out of my comfort zone, and experience something completely different. Different country, different weather, different language, different culture. Everything will be different and I am so freaking excited! So in a bit more than one month I will be packing my suitcases, and heading to Thailand for a new adventure!




I grew up in Wrocław, not far away from Polish mountains. I started skiing when I was 6 years old. In the winter we would often go skiing in the nearby resorts, and twice a year we would go skiing in the Alps. These trips are some of my favourite memories from my childhood. We were always a bunch of kids having fun together, skiing all day, eating pancakes with Nutella and playing in Kinder Club. In the early years, Kinder Club was the highlight of my stay in the Alps. It’s basically a place where parents put their kids, if they want to get ride of them for a while and go skiing alone. I used to love being there! It was so much fun. They had all kinds of cool toys and the best of the best, special painting that you could put on glass. So yes, I spent my early years in the Alps in Kinder Clubs painting cats (so I could put them on the windows of my bedroom later). It was awesome.

When I got little older, too old to be considered as a potential member of Kinder Club, I started to notice the unique atmosphere of the Alps, clean and fresh air, beautiful architecture, amazing food and I actually started to really enjoy skiing. Skiing and later snowboarding were a big part of my life for years. I always really enjoyed it and it was something I was always really looking forward to. But than I went to China, and things changed.  Continue Reading


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