If you’re looking for some pretty walls in Bangkok Grand Palace is the place to go 😉

I know, long time no see. I haven’t been very active in here for the past couple of weeks, but I really want to change that.

I arrived in Bangkok exactly 6 weeks ago, and it’s been very intense 6 weeks. I’ve done so much, that I don’t even know where to begin. During these 6 weeks I’ve already been on 3 weekend trips, which is probably the most amazing thing about living in Thailand. You’re abel to travel so much here! It’s not very expensive and there is so much to see! Thailand really is an amazing country. So you can expect posts from Koh Samet (a little beautiful island located on the east cost of Thailand), Chiang Mai (Thailand’s third biggest city) and Ko Pha Ngan (full moon part island, oh yes) coming very soon!

Beside traveling to exotic islands I go to school, sometimes I even try to study, I eat a lot of fried rice and curry and I go out, and that’s pretty much it, so not time for blogging 😉 but I’ve been a little more productive when it comes to my videos (already two up, and third one in the making!) so check them out! and I talk to you soon!

What I did during my first month in Thailand, all squeezed in 2 minutes


Vlog from my recent trip to Portugal!


Last Friday was gloomy and rainy but it was a good day. I had a dinner with good friends of mine close to the beach. It was another goodbye before I leave to Thailand. So many goodbyes lately.

I feel like even though it was grey and gloomy, sea is still beautiful and intriguing in a way, so I really wanted to shoot these pictures by the water. I like the contrast between this summery, pink top and they greys in the backdrop. Sea on a sunny days and on a grey day are like two complete different things. In Copenhagen we are lucky enough to get both sides 😉

In exactly 5 days, at this time of the day, I will be on my way to the airport, and than off to Bangkok. I can’t wait.

top: Zara / pants: Zara / shoes: Birkenstock IMG_1137_Fotor_Collage_Fotoryyyyyy    IMG_1179IMG_1137_Fotor_Collage2

Probably one of my favourite videos I ever made, collection of random moments from this summer that made me smile. Enjoy.

x Kaja

IMG_0559 (1)

On days that I don’t know what to wear, overalls seem to always be the good solution, or so I like to think 😉

They are definitely the comfortable solution, and the one saying “I don’t really care what I’m wearing, but I really do”. The person who brought overalls back is for sure a genius. It’s just one of these trends (not really a trend anymore? no idea), that I will probably keep on coming back to for ever, because they make me feel good, I love how effortless they look, little casual, little sporty, but at the same time kind of cool, and most important of all I freaking love how comfortable they are.

I wore them with a simple white t-shirt underneath, on a beautiful, sunny and warm day (yes, warm day in Copenhagen). We walked around the city, tested the new bridge between Nyhavn and Christianshavn (cool bridge, even cooler view), took some picture infront of these perfect white wall at Sankt Annæ Plads, and it was overall a pretty damn good day! 😉

overalls: Asos / bag: Mulberry / shoes: Birkenstock 

IMG_1356IMG_0533_Fotor_Collage IMG_1355

IMG_0442Copenhagen at golden hour looks pretty damn good! Especially by the water, I feel like water always makes everything look better, right? Cities that are located by the water are always my favourite.

A good friend of mine is visiting from Sweden, so we had some sushi for dinner and than hanged out a bit by the channels. The weather in Copenhagen was unbelievable good, it was 27 C degrees, which doesn’t happen very often here, so everybody went crazy, and the whole city was full of people partying, chilling by the water and just enjoying this beautiful day. On days like that Copenhagen is a really nice city 😉

I was wearing my new favourite, high waisted denim shorts, that I was pretty much wearing every single day of the week since I got them, and an off shoulder playsuit underneath. I’m so into this whole off shoulder trend, there is just something really cool and effortless about it. Hope you’re having a great summer so far! I’m off to chill a bit more! 😉

playsuit: Asos / shorts: Zara / bag: Mulberry / sunnies: Ray Ban / shoes: BirkenstockIMG_0390_Fotor_Collage  IMG_0429

IzmkenijoneMG_0118_Fotor_Collage_FotorI’m currently editing my first photo diary from Portugal, and thought that I will quickly share these snaps from yesterday.

I’m back in Copenhagen, and for once, I’m actually happy to be here. I will be home for around two weeks and than I’m leaving for Thailand, and I will be gone for probably around 6 months, which makes me appreciate being home way more than I normally would. It’s nice to just hang out, not doing much, just catching up on editing and trying to take my working out game to the next level, which means, trying to work out every day ;D

Anyways yesterday, my friend and I had a coffee and she took a couple of snaps of what I was wearing. My idea of comfy look, appropriate for summer in Scandinavia 😉 so obviously bare legs and sneaks combination, and not just any sneaks, white sneaks (approximately more than half of Denmark’s population wears white sneakers during summer) my new fav denim shorts and an old fav, vintage Cowboys sweatshirt, that I got in Hamburg last Christmas.

x Kaja

sneakers: Adidas / sweatshirt: vintage / shorts: Zara


IMG_0372 I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to post here for a while now, but it was simply so hard. I guess you could say I was busy. Busy living life, and doing the best of the best, which is obviously traveling and chilling 😉

First I went to Portugal with my fam. We had a great week traveling through Southern Portugal, to be more precise Algarve, which is one of the most beautiful places in Europe for sure. Tons of pictures coming soon (and two videos from the trip already up on my youtube channel!). Than I chilled a bit at home, than I spent a couple of days in my second home, Warsaw. Chilled a bit more, hang out with friends, eat a lot of delicious Polish food, went for multiple long walks around the city. I even went out to party, and surpassingly, possibly first time in many many years, I felt all right the day after!

Now I’m home in Denmark, chilling a bit more, not doing much at all, just editing my videos, looking through pictures, working out occasionally (got to get ready for a half year long bikini season!) and getting ready to leave for Thailand in about 3 weeks.

These are one the first pictures, that I took when we arrived in Portugal. The first day we went for a walk before dinner, and I saw this street and I knew it. It could possibly be more perfect for a good outfit shot 😉 White wall (!) pink flowers (!) and palm trees in the background (!). It can’t get much better if you ask me 😉

t-shirt: Zara / skirt: Cubus / headband: Missoni / shoes: Birkenstock / sunnies: Ray Ban